[Ended] ICOFY

1200 ICY

  1. Follow ICOFY on Twitter & retweet a tweet with these hashtags: #ICOFY #IOO #EthfinexOTC
  2. Like ICOFY on Facebook & share a post with these hashtags: ICOFY #IOO #EthfinexOTC
  3. Follow ICOFY on LinkedIn & like a post
  4. Join ICOFY on Reddit & upvote and share a post
  5. Follow ICOFY on Youtube & like 2 videos
  6. Join ICOFY Telegram Group & Channel
  7. Submit your details to the Airdrop Bot
  8. Complete the Airdrop Form
  9. Refer your friends to get 100 ICY per referral
  10. Tokens will be distributed on July 18th

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