Presearch, the search engine that gives you crypto for FREE!

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What is Presearch

Presearch is a open & decentralized search engine that rewards its users with Presearch Tokens.
Presearch allow you to search to a lot of different providers (like Google, Amazon, Wikipedia...) in a single search field.

Presearch already has more than 100 search channels available and all users are able to set their default providers according to their needs or preferences.

Presearch does not store any searches or identifying information.

Chrome (also works on Brave) & Firefox extensions are also available to search from the address bar in your web browser while earning cryptocurrency as you search.

Presearch is also available on Android and iOS.

In 2019 Presearch also launched their new default search engine called Dsearch.

What is Dsearch

Dsearch is a separate search engine (like Google) available through Presearch that rewards its users for searching through it.

That means you get even more tokens when you use Dsearch. You’re paid 0.5 PRE per search on Dsearch, versus 0.25 PRE with other sources.
The counterpart is that they will display Ads on the results page.

Dsearch also offers a great feature for crypto lovers! It’s directly linked to CoinMarketCap, so when you search for a cryptocurrency you will get all the informations about it.

You can read more info about Dsearch here.

How to get free crypto with Presearch

There is currently 3 ways possible to get free crypto with Presearch :

  1. Sign up on Presearch and get 0.25 PRE per search
  2. Use Dsearch as search engine and get 0.5 PRE per search
  3. Refer your friends and get 25 PRE per referral (they have to earn 50 PRE and be active for 30 days)

You must accumulate 1,000 PRE to be able to withdraw you tokens.
Presearch is listed on CoinMarketCap.
Learn more about Presearch on