Why is Brave the best Browser?

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Brave is a free and open-source browser based on Chromium and released in 2016 by Brave Software Inc. It was created by Brendan Eich, creator of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla.

Brave is basically working like any standard browser but includes a lot of great features making it really fast, private and secure.

In this article, we’re going to explain and explore all its features to convince you that it's the best browser for crypto lovers!

You get free crypto for Browsing

Brave is using Basic Attention Token (also called BAT), a token based on the Ethereum Blockchain, to reward its user for browsing. This aims to be a decentralized unit of value for content creators, publishers or users who can share advertising revenue.

Brave pays you directly in BAT

Downloading Brave will reward you directly with Basic Attention Tokens.Even if Brave is blocking ads by defaults, you have an option in your dashboard to activate Brave Ads and earn tokens for watching up to 5 ads per hour.
70% of the revenue generated by an ad is paid to the user, that means you will get the majority of the money!
Tokens will be distributed monthly directly in the wallet included in the browser.

You can do what you want with these tokens like tipping your favourite content creators, keeping them in the hope that their value can increase (price of BAT reached $0.87 in 2018), or selling them directly on exchanges like Binance.

You can tip content creators

Brave users can directly support content creators on the browser thanks to a native feature allowing them to send tips to their favourite Websites or Youtubers.
They can also set up a monthly contribution so the tip will be automatically sending each month.
Content creators have to be registered in the Brave Rewards program to be able to receive tips from users.

BAT is already listed on major exchanges

Brave is a big player in the cryptocurrency industry.
At the time we’re writing this article Basic Attention Token is currently ranked #34 (out of more than 5,000) in the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization on CoinMarketCap.
BAT is also listed on pretty much every major exchange like Binance, Kraken, Okex, Bittrex, Bitfinex… So you should be able to sell your tokens very easily if you want to.

Privacy & security

Brave is a browser completely focused on privacy and security. Its blocks data-grabbing ads and trackers natively. It does everything it can to shield your computer or mobile phone. This means your browsing behavior will no longer be tracked and used.

Brave is blocking Ads

Nobody likes browsing a website with a lot of ads. With Brave all the annoying ads are automatically removed, allowing web pages to load faster.

Tor is natively included

Brave pushed private navigation to another level with the implementation of the Tor onion-routing network. Tor is masking your identity and allows you to browse websites completely anonymously with just one click.
Basically it’s like using a VPN, even more secured.

Brave Features

Brave has a lot of features that competitors don’t have, but that doesn’t mean compromises has to be made. It lacks none of the features you can find in other browsers and can even outperform them in some areas.

Brave is faster than the competition

Brave delivers excellent performances. By blocking ads, scripts and trackers the pages are lighter and faster to load. It can load some major websites up to six times faster than Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

You can use Chrome extensions

Brave being built on Chromium, you can safely assume that your Chrome extensions will work on it. It runs extensions from the Chrome Web Store and you can add almost all the extensions you can find on it.
So it’s pretty easy to add your favourite extensions on it and browse websites like you’re used to do.

Dark Mode

Dark modes are increasingly popular (we also have one in our website!).
Brave browser didn’t forget this feature, you will be able to activate it in the settings.
We know white light can damage our eyes in the long run, so it’s a really appreciated feature.

Download Brave and get FREE BAT

If like us, you like all these awesome features, download Brave and start earning FREE CRYPTO!

You can also check our short guide to earn your first BAT tokens with Brave.
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